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We are always looking to buy rare and vintage collectibles and memorabilia We want to buy old stuff and we buy large collections!. We want to buy old and vintage baseball cards (prior to 1975), football cards, basketball cards, and non sports card collections. We pay cash for unique collectibles, large collections, estates, memorabilia, and rare collections.We also buy old war memorabilia, Playboy Magazines, Jet Magazines, First Edition Books, and more. To get more information about specific items we are looking to buy use the menu above to select the appropriate category.


Some collectible memorabilia items we’re looking to buy:

  • Old or Vintage Sportscards
    • Vintage Baseball Cards prior to 1975
    • Vintage Basketball Cards prior to 1987
    • Vintage Football Cards prior to 1975
  • Sports Memorabilia
    • Programs
    • Pins
    • Pennants
    • Ticket Stubs
    • Bats
    • Balls
    • Books
    • Photos
  • Non-sports Cards
    • Three Stooges
    • Beatles
    • Star Wars
  • Sports Programs, Tickets & Ticket StubsOld sports paraphernalia, old clocks, watches, pennants, yearbooks, megaphones, pins, etc.
    • College and Professional Football
    • College and Professional Basketball
    • Major League Baseball(regular season and all-star and world series games)
  • Old baseball bats, gloves, football helmets, footballs basketballs (really old)
  • Silver and Gold coins
  • Jewelry, with and without diamonds
  • Historical documents (presidential, gubernatorial) signed and otherwise
  • War related items such as guns, knives, helmets, uniforms…
  • Comic books prior to 1975
  • MagazinesEntertainment Memorabilia: Michael Jackson, Beatles, Rolling Stones, other famous actors or rock stars, signed and otherwise – albums, guitarts, posters, lobby cards, etc
    • Playboy prior to 1965
    • Look and Life prior to 1960
    • Jet magazines prior to 1970
  • Signed Books: Easton and Franklin Library, any authenticated signatures of famous authors (Robert Parker, John Grisham etc)
  • Other Old or Vintage stuff such as gold and silver coins, antiques, old toys, trains, Dolls, civil war, world war I, and world war II memorabilia.

Richard & Lori have spotless reputations for excellent service and honest deals.

9 comments on “Sell Me Your Collectibles
  1. I have 36 boxes of Dept. 56 All Through The House Christmas collectables since 1975 to 1998 They are all in very good condition. Many are hard to find. you can call me at 4842253128 or my home at 610-530-7372.

  2. Joseph A Scarano says:

    please call for the info about the dept. 56 collectables that I have bought from 1975 t0 1998
    called All Through the House

  3. I have a “Randy Johnson” by BP Benger 1999. SN 106/600 framed and it perfect condition and a 2 ct emerald cut emerald stone. Vivid green. I have pics of both. Please contact me @

  4. Support says:

    We appreciate your comments! If you have items for sale please use the ‘Leave a Message’ tab at the bottom right of this page. For your security, we do not suggest posting your emails or phone numbers on this site. Please feel free to contact other visitors. Happy commenting and if you have any questions for us regarding support, email your questions at,


    Support Team

  5. David J Bailey says:

    I have scorecard/programs for final Phillies game at Veterans Stadium and first game at Citizens Bank Park. In perfect condition.

  6. Tom Gardinier says:

    My name is Tom and I have collected a lot of stuff. I’m at the end of the rainbow and need to shed some collectables.
    2 erector sets vintage, used 1930s. includes 2 electric motors with cloth insulation. It was my Dads and the one set is a compilation a few sets.
    50 Star wars on the card. I also have the hundreds of figures loose and some some vehicles.
    50 Matchbox vehicles on the card.
    One Lionel train, steel engine, some track, no transformer but the caboose lights up and smoke from the engine.
    100 Beanie babies, some very collectable.
    Playmobil Trains, LGB trains’ One Playmobil engine and coal car MIB.
    1/32 Toy Soldiers collectables/steel painted matte. Civil War, WWII, Revolutionary War, Rolling Thunder Civil War canon battery (Conte)
    (Total figures 120). (Also have 2 pontoon bridges and 2 Landing Craft (Conte))
    Harley Davidson GI Joe and Harley Davidson Harley Davidson for 11 inch GIJoe
    !! Inch GI Joes and Ultimate Soldiers, plus George Bush Desert Storm, Bradley, Sherman, SEAL vehicle, 4 Jeeps, Humvees but most are in need of repair.
    25 Ultimate Soldier and gear MIB
    75 11 inch naked GI Joes and Ultimate Soldiers and a 2 square feet of uniforms and equipment gun, knives, everything produced in the 80s and 90s
    Plastics 1/32
    Approx. 100 to 150; 1/32 vehicles MIB mostly WWII
    Beachheads, Forts, Reenforced positions (25 total) natural color.
    1/32 plastic Soldiers that are Conte, Marx repro, all of the possess x 10.
    Quantity of Plastic soldiers around 10,000.
    Conte MIB Scottish Highlanders, Foreign Legion/Arabs Beau Geste, 24th Foot with Zulu warriors and fort. Loose doubles of all the Conte plastic WWII sets.
    Conte soldiers are excellent quality and in resale could go 10 for $10 pending the venue. The Conte sets all had hedgerows, two story buildings.
    Playmobil castles, western forts, Construction train 1000 plus figures w/ equipment.
    Get back when you can;
    Tom Gardinier 845-294-3080. I realize there is a lot to digest.
    I would appreciate any referrals if you do not have interest. The entire collection of this stuff has to go.

  7. Support says:

    Thank you for your recent comments to our site! We encourage communication bewtween other visitors as well as those who are attempting to sell to us. If you have items as mentioned in your comments above, please utilize the ‘Leave a Message’ tab located at the bottom right of this page.

    Happy commenting and if you have any questions for us regarding support, email your questions at,


    Support Team

  8. jason leffler says:

    Hi Richard, my name is Jason, I have a collectible item I would like to see if you might have an interest in. the item is a 1955 original ” Walt Disney’s Lady and the tramp movie poster 22″x 28″ this particular one is in excellent condition. I saw only 2 others on the internet one was about 58,000 +or-. The other one was about 40,000 +or-. see goodwill poster story find. these three the two on the internet and mine which is in better condition than the 40,000.00 one. and it may be in better condition than this other also. please call [256]-682-7374 I am seeking a fair offer. thank you for your time. sincerely, Jason.

  9. Ken Justice says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have the following magazines that I am interested in selling.

    TV Guide/1980s
    TV Guide/1990s
    Sporting News/1970s
    Sports Illustrated/1970s
    Baseball Digest/1970s
    Baseball Digest/1980s

    Ken Justice

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